Update: Slipped and Struggle

Though most of you do not know what I look like, imagine for yourselves a college student with their face buried in their hands with nothing but the dim glow of a desklamp illuminating their features. They have been sighing for three minutes now. They are still sighing. They show no intention of stopping.

That is me. Rather, that is how I have felt these past two weeks in which I managed to spectacularly miss three blog posts. I considered writing three posts today to make up for my mistake, but that felt disingenuous – as if I am somehow trying to cover up my very, very avoidable error – so I have decided to leave it as is.

I can offer excuses – an overload of Arabic homework, an exam, newspaper work – but ultimately, what it comes down to is poor time management. Had I made the blog posts as much of a priority as I hope to in the future, I would have made time for them.

Unfortunately, now that I have gotten in the habit of missing blog posts again, I’m going to have to work triply hard to reincorporate them into my life. It’s always harder to get back up to speed after slipping, after all;;

However, if I have time to regret, I can better use that time working towards my goals. As such, with this blog post, I am once again determined to return to a regular biweekly posting schedule. With the addition of a new part-time job, I’ve slipped in my writing habits as well, so no matter how much I want to give up on the Wednesday Writing posts, I know that in the long-term, I need to do them.

Until I get back into a regular posting habit, I will not be making further monthly goals. Consistency and building up my work ethic will be my sole focus for this month. I hope that with this post, I will be able to hold myself more accountable in the weeks to come.

Actually, no, considering my recent physical exhaustion, I’ll make just three goals:

  • Eat at least two meals a day.
  • Remember to drink water.
  • Sleep at least six hours a day.

Maybe I’ll have an easier time getting to work once I fulfill those three fundamental human needs, ahahaha.

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