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It’s funny because I don’t like any brands with ’21’ in it. I don’t like Twenty-one Pilots, don’t care for Forever 21 – but regardless, it’s my birthday once again, and this year, I am turning 21. This year I become of age in every way that counts. The only thing I can’t do now is rent a car in most (all?) states.

Adulthood. That’s a scary thought. Does anyone ever stop feeling like a child? I can’t really imagine it. There’s always someone more experienced, someone who’s lived longer. But eventually dominoes all topple, and eventually I’ll be standing at the end of my life with no one more experienced, no one who’s lived longer. The prospect is terrifying. Hopefully when that time comes, I will be proud of who I am, what I have done, and hopefully I will be happy.

So to prepare for that day, I have to start now. First things first is to get my blog back on track. What started as a practice in diligence became a chore. Rather than thinking there’s something wrong with my blog though, I think that just means I haven’t been diligent enough. I will strive from this point on to continue with and maintain a Wednesday (fiction), Saturday (other) system. Today is simply an exception because my birthday has conveniently fallen on a blog day, and this post seemed fitting, ahaha.

So, I’m 21 now. I’m heading into my senior year of college. What does that mean for me?

Well, seeing as I can now legally drink in the United States, I would like to find a respectable, affordable bar I can visit once in a blue moon. I’m not the type to keep a handle of vodka in my dorm room (nor could I, seeing as I’m on the Student Conduct Board) but I think I could enjoy a cocktail on occasion.

But jests aside, age 21 means that I need to start developing myself into the kind of person I want to be. I should dress the way I want to be seen, work at the things I want to achieve, and I need to understand the difference between my present-day comfort and my long-term satisfaction. Parents and mentors always have mixed messages: enjoy life while you’re young; suffer through it and be happy later; hard work is rewarded; everything’s up to luck.

Ultimately, all that means is that human experiences are varied and there’s no universal formula for a good life. What I need to do is go back to the whiteboard and start figuring out my personal equation to satisfaction. With that said, my goals for this year are as follows, and I’m making it pretty easy for myself, so I better damn well follow through:

  • Finish five chapters of one story.
  • Finish three short stories.
  • Find one new cocktail that I like.
  • Finish two video games.
  • Read two non-school books.
  • Learn two new recipes.
  • Write one song.

I’ve lived another year, but again I let my life control me rather than vice versa. This year, I’ll properly take charge. Hopefully I’ll like being 21 more than I like all the twenty-one brand stuff.

One thought on “21

  1. A year already? Wow. Congrats, you’re Scandium, or the number of dots on a six sided die, or the amendment that ended Prohibition, ironically. Also, if you like rain and hate yoga, I’d recommend Pina Coladas. đŸ˜‰


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