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Visiting Danny~♡ (post hiatus)

Hello, everyone! So, some of you might remember that I introduced a dear friend of mine, Danny, because I was pretty sure that I would have to mention her in time? Well, now is one of those times. I’m visiting Danny in Canada from April 22 to May 1, and I lacked the foresight to… Continue reading Visiting Danny~♡ (post hiatus)

Methods and Mediums

M&M: PPG 2016 and the Purpose of Reboots

  [incomplete] It’s a little bit surreal to me that there are reboots of shows form my childhood. To be more specific, the fact that my ‘childhood’ was far enough ago to merit reboots is more than a little overwhelming. However, now that I live in the era of superhero movies, revivals of old video game… Continue reading M&M: PPG 2016 and the Purpose of Reboots

Methods and Mediums

M&M – “No Game No Life”

Don’t worry all you non-anime fans out there, this post is going to be about as casually intellectual about the genre as you can get. If you’ve got an interest in storytelling, TV, and foreign cultures, I’d say take a chance and give this a read. A few posts ago I talked about ‘Methods and Mediums’, and… Continue reading M&M – “No Game No Life”