Poetry in Persona

I did an exercise recently where I wrote poetry as some roleplay characters of mine, and since I really do want to revive this blog, I thought eh, I might as well!



There is something I’m forgetting.

Little blue stars, rippling in the grass
Clustered like children, dancing in the wind
What it must be like to laugh like they do
Holding hands, tethered to each other
Tethered to the earth, yet still drifting

I think I knew these flowers once.


4 .

Eloquence; I’m acquainted with eloquence
The loquacious oft think themselves eloquent
As though circumlocution makes them kind
And winding words prove them graceful

Ha! They see it as grace in their minds, surely
Dancing through traps of their own design
They forget that this minefield was once a meadow
Before they buried their words out of line.

Arrogance; I’m acquainted with arrogance.
I’ve been told that I am full of myself, by some
A foolish some, that fails to see:
To be self-possessed is a gift.

Better to be possessed by the genuine self
Than possessed by the words I do not mean
Spoken by them instead of speaking,
Satirically obsessed.

In other words, people should just fucking say what they mean and cut the bullshit.

See that? If I’d just gotten to the point,
This poem would have been shorter.

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