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Describing Writing Styles 1

I recently fell in love with a writing style, and I came up with a metaphor to describe it. I decided that it would be a fun exercise to do this with various stories and authors that I’ve grown to love: Angela Carter – “The Bloody Chamber” It’s a small glass bottle filled with liquids… Continue reading Describing Writing Styles 1

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Commitment vs. Reconsideration

As a reminder, Wednesdays are for creative work and Saturdays are for everything else, including blog updates. However, seeing as this post regards a story of mine, particularly my attempt at a chronologically updating online story Crossing the Line, I thought it fitting to post it today. I struggle a lot with commitment. I start projects… Continue reading Commitment vs. Reconsideration

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My Experience Writing from Experience

If asked several years ago, teenage me would have claimed that I never wrote from experience. I assumed that people who wrote from experience were just writers who lacked imagination. Presently, every protagonist I write is, in some form, an emotional surrogate I have created, and I am prouder for it. I suppose, then, the… Continue reading My Experience Writing from Experience