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Lively Responsibility

I often forget that I like being responsible. I’m not sure whether that means that it depends on my mood or if I’m just that forgetful, but some days – like today – I delight in chores. I think it’s because cleaning my room or going grocery shopping, for me, is a hallmark of my independence.

A good friend of mine told me that I should start doing chores regularly on Wednesday, and I’ve decided to take her advice to heart. She’s right that once I have my own space, I’ll be responsible for keeping it tidy and presentable, so cleaning a little bit every week is the best way to go about it.

Now, I can already hear some of you going, “Wait, you don’t already do that?” Honestly, I’m a college student; I don’t know what you expect of me, ahaha. It’s not as though I don’t organize things more regularly. What I mean by cleaning is actually getting out the vacuum cleaner and properly folding clothes.

So, this post isn’t much today. I just found that it’s easier for me to keep to a goal if I write it on the blog. Consider this my declaration of intention to make weekly cleanup a part of my life. It’ll be doubly important next year when I have a kitchen in my dorm ❤

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