D&D Campaigns I Want to Run

I’ve gotten a few asks on my Tumblr wondering what kind of D&D campaigns I would run if I did an online group, so I decided to just compile summaries, which I then decided to post on this blog since they’re technically story ideas as well, ahaha. I wish I could run all these games, but I just don’t have enough people interested (whom I would feel comfortable DMing for).

1: The Absent Gods 
A campaign I wrote for beginners. Starts off with a typical escort mission in which religious scholar Dennis Mercrow needs help making his way to some abandoned ruins. I can’t say more on this one without spoiling, but if you don’t mind spoilers, I did a full write-up here. More under the cut.

2: Dawn of the Soul
A Korea-inspired high fantasy campaign designed to be accessible to foreigners. The Kingdom of the Sun has opened its borders for the first time in a decade to hold ceremony for the princess’s 18th birthday. People from all over the continent, including the players, have gathered to take part in this exclusive celebration. Of course everything goes wrong. Amidst the chaos, the party receives an unexpected request from the unlikeliest of people, and things only escalate from there. A campaign featuring Korean elves, Korean dwarves, Korean dragons, and more!

3: A Face to the Name
Unbeknownst to most of the world, the Faceless have invaded all the kingdoms. Fortunately, the players know. Oh, do they know. What starts off as a support group for people who had their faces stolen off quickly turns to a quest to get them back, but that might be a little hard when everyone’s suspicious of people in masks and terrified of people without, you know, facial features. And what are the Faceless, anyway?

4: False Futures
By the High Prophet’s decree, divination magic is banned in the Kingdom of Enyss. This, combined with his ability to foresee and foil any hostility towards the kingdom has earned him many enemies, be they poor diviners who have been forced from their livelihood or enemy spies sick of his interference. Of course, you can’t just assassinate a person who can see the future… unless he’s busy with the prince’s coronation. This is the only chance to kill this guy and everyone knows it, so whether it’s to protect him or assassinate him, the players converge. Of course, not everything is as it seems.

5: Not so Guitar, Much Hero
A silly and freeform campaign. Will you manage to become the famous band you always knew you could be? Or will your musical exploits be overshadowed by your heroism?

6: The Chosen One(s)
There is a prophecy that states that one with the mark of the stars upon their skin, who was born through a miracle and displays yet another, will save the world in its time of need. Songs will be sung in this hero’s honor. However, when the time has come and the world calls for their savior, there’s… five? six??? Look, we can’t all be the chosen one.

7: To Whom it May Concern
When a full party is asked to deliver one measly envelope, you get pretty darn curious about its contents. What’s the worse that could happen if you take a peek? And what’s the worst that could happen if you don’t?

8: God, Take a Break
What happens when a major god takes a vacation? Well, maybe someone in the world could tell you if the world weren’t falling to pieces. Looks like it’s up to the players to drag this god back to work, but really, what’s a party to a god?

9: Growing Royal Pains
It was supposed to be an opportunity for the next generation of rulers to get to know each other in this time of unprecedented peace. Just a bunch of royal heirs hanging around, butting heads, complaining about their parents while heavily guarded, nothing special. Of course, that just means that when everything goes wrong, it’s war looming over the horizon, and probably more adventuring than any of these royals anticipated.

((I realize that some of the themes mentioned in these offhand summaries aren’t unique, but I ask out of courtesy that no one use these ideas with publishing aspirations, as I do have video game / comic / story aspirations for each of these, independent from D&D as well.))

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