Update: Final Exams

It’s Finals week, woooo – I have two more exams on Wednesday and then I’m free! Which means that there’s really no excuse for meeting the goals I set this month. Check out the Current Projects page to see what I’m trying to get done this year, and to see my current progress, read below the cut.

I’ve decided that this month onwards, I’m going to put in place a word count system in place. I will keep track of all the words I write for each story and put them in with these updates starting next time.

This update, please go easy on me about failed goals because it is the end of the school year and I’ve had a surprisingly rough time for non-academic reasons. Even so, at the same time, I need to work harder on making creative writing a priority. I think that this summer is a good place to start with that.

This Month’s Goals:


Three Poems – finish them and get them uploaded

U8 – Chapter 2 needs the completed version uploaded and I should get a move on with Chapter 3.

U4 – the webcomic should be making headway this month once school is over!

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