Poem: High School Collection 1

I call it a collection, but there aren’t really that many that I find decent enough to share. Poetry isn’t what I consider my strong suit, and definitely not back in high school, but I have a few here collecting dust that I thought would be alright to share. This is part of a collection I hope to share in the future titled Ambiance-Injection. These three are a part of Ambiance.

Flame (2011)
It was cute at first,
Childish in its wants,
So I indulged it.
Every time it cried its ember ashen tears,
I gave it what it wanted.
But I should have been harsher with it.
Because it grew too greedy
And in its tantrum, once cute and immature,
Devoured all and left nothing for me.


On the way home… (2012)
In the middle of the street, on the dotted yellow line
There was a shoe.

Not a pair.
Just one.

There was nothing particularly eye-catching
About the shoe itself.
It was pale blue.
Clean, free of tire marks.
A Velcro sneaker.

Maybe a toddler’s.

It was there on the middle of the street, resting perfectly –
A little crooked, but sole-down, saddle up –
Right on the yellow line.


A Passing Rain (2013)

I asked you once
‘Why do people cry?’

And I think you said
‘The same reason it rains.’

Now as the droplets go
Pittapat Pittapat
Outside the bedside window
I’m thinking maybe you were right.

If our minds were a cloud
Every drop would be a thought
‘I wish I had…’ ‘If I had done…’
Each bearing its own weight

And when the burden grows too great
Our minds grow heavy, misshapen

And lets those droplets go



2 thoughts on “Poem: High School Collection 1

    1. Oh, thank you! It’s a little embarrassing to know that people are actually reading my older works, but also incredibly motivating. Flame is my personal favorite, as well!


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