Daylight Savings Approaches

Apparently this weekend is going to be a week of change, starting with WordPress (the sidebar is on the other side now and it is grating on my nerves;;) and ending with Daylight Savings. It’s Daylight Savings tomorrow, and even though it will be my third year in a row dealing with it, it still feels odd because in Korea, I didn’t have to worry about shifting the clock an hour twice a year.

Daylight Savings is an old, outdated system, almost functionally useless and needlessly convoluted, and every year, I complain. Most often, I’m still up when the time change happens, and I end up thinking that I dozed off or that my sense of time has deteriorated beyond hope, ahaha. Even so, I don’t hate it.

I also can’t help but feel that it makes life interesting. It’s a serious bit of fun, one that reminds you that time is both an existing power and a man-made concept. Time as we know it was invented by us – if anything, Daylight Savings serves as a reminder of that. In all honesty, I feel as though the world could use a little more of that.

With the advent of science and technology, I feel as though we’ve made the world a little less mysterious, at least in a readily accessible way. We already know why the seasons change,  how many continents there are, how to predict the weather and more. Of course, there are still questions – will always be questions, that’s why we have scientists – but it’s come to the point where even thinking of a novel question to ask is remarkable. What kind of question can we ask that Google doesn’t have a rudimentary answer for? Not much the average person can conceive of.

In the past, there was folklore. There were creatures of myth to explain away the unexplainable. The closest equivalent we have now are the creepypastas and conspiracy theories of the internet, and even then, it’s with the vague awareness that ‘none of them are real’. In the 1900s, science-fiction was visionary, inventive – some writers even invented concepts for technology that hadn’t existed then.

Modern sci-fi, thus far, has just been riding on the genre’s coattails.

I suppose this is a bit of a tangent, but it’s all relevant – I dislike the uselessness of Daylight Savings, but I appreciate what happens. Even though the entirety of the world exists in the same space, occupies the same flow of time, by human whim, parts of the world shift time to their liking. It’s baffling and stupid, yet there’s it is oddly powerful.

Think for a moment of the birth of twins. One is born a minute before a Daylight Savings shift, and one is born after. In that sense, the child born second would actually be older. How illogical. How strange. I love it.

Unfortunately, I am in for a heavy workload this upcoming week, so I don’t have time to make this post any longer. Hopefully I will be able to post this Wednesday;;

4 thoughts on “Daylight Savings Approaches

  1. That was a nice post, Spades. I love daylight savings, one extra hour to play basketball before the sun goes down 🙂 My state has had a referendum on daylight savings multiple times, and some people scoff at my reason to vote ‘yes’, but I guess it’s the simple things in life. If you try and think about the bigger picture, you become smaller and smaller. It’s nice to make the world revolve around you every now and then…it’s healthy.

    Keep up the quality writing!


    1. Oh, thank you for your kind words, though this is obviously a rushed post. Not even 500 words, tsk tsk. For shame. Out of curiosity, why the nickname Spades?


      1. Quality, not quantity!

        You reminded me of a South Korean friend who I played an online game with, her username was Twelve of Spades 😛 I imagine she goes by something different now though. You’ll have to excuse me, was just letting the world revolve around me, again xD


      2. Quality + Quantity is the ideal that I’m aiming for! A lesson I should learn with online games;; you just reminded me that I should check up with the MMORPGs I crowdfunded…


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