Poetry: No theme, just things

(No short story or new chapter quite yet – didn’t have the time to make the final touch-ups I was hoping for, so here’s a collection of odd poetry instead.)

A Picture Book – January 7, 2017
One step, two step
Green step, red step
Step light, Stop light
White light
Night night

Sleep Deprived – February 1, 2017
the dreams hang heavy in my head
deprived, upset of chances lost
the moment I turned away from bed
so airy stories turn to lead
and muffle lectures heard and said
until I feel I’m dying here
dying, dying

Homophones – February 7, 2017
My pride takes flight on tapered wings
Skirts high and far and away in the air
Without doubt, without pause
Preening at praise
Seeming to skim at the passing of days
Thinks itself worldly for sights it has seen
Knows itself lovely for its cobalt sheen
The split in its tail starts its victory song
“I was right and you were wrong”

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