Update: Schedule Decided!

So, reviewing my blogging system from the past year, I think I’ve settled upon a schedule that I can live with. The short-story-a-week challenge was a lot of fun, but the writing pace meant that I couldn’t devote any time to the novels that I should be working on. Sometimes I felt the urge to post too many personal things, when part of the purpose of this blog was for my creative writing;;

Also, if you noticed a post that went up this last Wednesday, I apologize – one downside of setting up a bunch of posts in advance is that I sometimes mess up the dates. Please bear with me until I really get the hang of this blogging thing.

Anyway, keeping all of this in mind, I have decided upon a simple rule: creative work on Wednesdays, personal things on Saturdays.

This will work out well with my current New Year’s Resolutions in mind, too!

 That being said, my current school semester has proven breathlessly busy – I am adding this addendum out of sheer exhaustion, physical and emotional. Today I didn’t have time to eat from 10AM to 4PM, and even then the only food available was junk. As part of the purpose that I am keeping this blog is for the sake of self-improvement, I will be spending this month evaluating my lifestyle choices and determining whether I can maintain my physical health with my current spread of time.

If anything changes about my blog, I will be sure to let everyonr know.

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