Update: Almost Over

The last month of the year – we’re all gearing up for the end of 2016, and boy do we all need it. I’m heading into final exams, too, but after that is winter vacation! And I’m going to have all the time in the world, too, since I don’t have any plans for winter vacation. I’m staying on campus, and by doing so, I’m actually not allowed to travel;;

Guess who’ll be spending Christmas and New Years alone~

At least I will have my PS4 and 3DS to keep me company. Maybe I’ll finally have time to beat Pokemon Moon now. Maybe I’ll finally beat Journey and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, ahaha. There are a lot of games to do. Maybe I’ll pick up a few freelance jobs, too. If you know of anyone who needs a freelance typist or proofreader, send them my way!

Anyway, monthly goals. Regarding those, I’m going to start doing something I should have done before, which is probably acknowledging what has happened with my previous month’s goals instead of just posting the new ones. This whole blog did start because I wanted to be more accountable, after all. So, from now on, I’ll type up this month’s goals first and then head into a checklist of my ones from the month before.

This Month’s Goals:

  • Ace the two final exams that I have, especially Arabic! Gotta study…
  • Return to the short story challenge. I was doing pretty well with it, and now I’m struggling to motivate myself again, and that’s no good. A short story a week shouldn’t be so hard.
  • Read at least three short stories in Spanish, two in Korean, and one in Arabic. If I want to learn how to translate creative writing one day, I have to get used to the styles in each of the languages.


Last Month’s Goals:

NaNoWriMo – this year I’ll make it. I think I finally found a story that I have enough fun writing while simultaneously not caring enough about its quality to agonize over every word. This year’s the year. I’m going to go for it. 50k in 30 days. I can do this.

  • I gotta say, I actually got a pretty solid start on this story thanks to this goal. However, part way through the month, I learned that one of my dearest projects – which I for some reason had lost confidence in – was not actually off the table, so I abandoned NaNoWriMo in favor of revitalizing my potential webcomic series with Aeolus and Danny.
  • Honestly it was a good call, too, because this last week of November, I had no less than five major projects due in a week, plus three tests. I survived, praise me, please.

Finish directing 12 Angry Jurors and relish all the free time you’ll have in the nights. I get five whole hours of my night back, and I can pour all of it back into this blog and writing.

  • Guess who aced this? I did! The show got great reviews, and let me tell you, these extra hours have never been sweeter.

Get all my midterm and final projects done in a timely manner. Gotta make the time. Classwork is important.

  • As mentioned above, this last week was hellish. Writing an hour-long play, an essay on Argentina’s Disappeared and CONADEP, a presentation on that, an Arabic oral, a 10 page research proposal on an original research idea, training my successors for my position in the newspaper, a syntax test, and that’s not even all. That was all that last week. I can’t say that I completed it all in a timely manner, but none of it was late!!

Also, because I am in a mood, this month I will try finishing a song – I will compose a rough draft of an instrumental, and we’ll see where it goes.

  • I didn’t get around to doing an instrumental, but I did write some lyrics that I might some day be able to refine.

Overall Score: 3/4, not completely terrible.


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