Poems from an Aromantic Asexual

(Some point in time earlier in the year, I said that I would write some aromantic poetry. Well, I’ve been acutely aware of my lack of sexual orientation, lately, so I suppose now is as good at time as any to give it a go, haha.)

Love Blossoms – November 27th, 2016
I never understood that flowers
Tickled as they bloomed inside
The petals calling butterflies to flit
A bit
A beat
A bout
Their flutters loud, the sound resounding
Heartbeat in your ears
I didn’t realize buds to blooms
For others, did not take years

Questions – September 9th, 2016
Would you linger where I lay
And reciprocate the words I say
Would you take my beating heart
And care for it while we’re apart
Would you help me make my stands
And warm my spirit in your hands
Even if I cannot give
A romantic kind of love?

Though I can’t give you the kisses
Though I can’t give you the lust
Will you stay with me forever
When the only offer’s trust?
I for you and you for me
The simplest of vows
I just ask you keep me company
As long as time allows

And in exchange, I offer you
The happiest of lives
Compassion, humor, tenderness
That ever will survive
A love unflaunted, never daunted
Unmarred by social names
I’ll learn to read your silences
If you will do the same


7 thoughts on “Poems from an Aromantic Asexual

  1. The verse:
    “Though I can’t give you the kisses
    Though I can’t give you the lust
    Will you stay with me forever
    When the only offer’s trust?”
    Really hit me hard, being aroace myself. Amazing job on these.


    1. Thank you for your kind words – I appreciate that you highlighted which line struck you the most. I’m still learning, and it makes me incredibly happy to know that people are enjoying the writing I share.

      I apologize for my lack of posts in recent date, but I will continue to upload my poetry in the future. I hope something in them will resonate with you as well.

      Liked by 1 person

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