“How is a river like a war?”
“They both create new borders.”
So though they turn blind eyes towards
The war about to dawn
Perhaps they can see the river rise

They need not see because here, they feel it
Down by the riverside
The water, once lapping at their feet, a threat
Grows bolder, grows colder, grows furious
And now it rips them apart and away

The flood is washing in, here
Down by the riverside
And hatred has fed the water, the current
It swallows the roads to success we have paved
Every hour, every hero risks becoming a martyr

I sit beside some others upon a rooftop
Down by the riverside
They are baffled and untouched by fear
People can swim, it’s just a flood after all
Life will go on, here, they say

As if the water has not drowned before
As if the water will not drown again

As if the water will not weather down
The structures beneath our feet

As if the water chooses whom it consumes
As if the water would know when to stop

As if it is really so difficult to just
Reach over the edge
To hold out a hand

“How is a war like a river?”
“You cannot stop its flow”
And it’s so easy for every one of us
To end up in over our heads
And for so many innocents to end up dead

((uploaded earlier because my WordPress is not adjusted for daylight savings; unedited, oneshot of a poem, unrefined, may never be refined))


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