Update: Prioritization

“All the world’s a stage” and “Life is a game”… Those are two quotes you hear often enough. My take on the situation is more like this: Life is a casino, with fancy shows and silly games, where the stakes are what you make of them.

Time management is a table I frequent, but boy am I bad at that game.The bets seem deceptively small, but they build up pretty fast, and I’m best with games where I’m up against multiple people. I struggle when my only opponents are the odds and myself.

As an example, see how I am juggling five college classes, Copy Editor duties, Student Conduct Board responsibilities, and the hard work of assistant-directing a play, and on top of all that, I have joined National Novel Writing Month. Time management is not my strong suit.

However, that’s what these monthly updates are for. Aside from my attempt to keep myself accountable to you all, it is a way for me to sit down and figure out what is important to me. Prioritization is a skill I hope to develop through this blog, so let’s go!

This Month’s Goals:

  • NaNoWriMo – this year I’ll make it. I think I finally found a story that I have enough fun writing while simultaneously not caring enough about its quality to agonize over every word. This year’s the year. I’m going to go for it. 50k in 30 days. I can do this.
    • You all don’t know this story, but it’s an endeavor into worldbuilding-heavy steampunk! Hopefully I can share some of it with you sometime.
  • Finish directing 12 Angry Jurors and relish all the free time you’ll have in the nights. I get five whole hours of my night back, and I can pour all of it back into this blog and writing.
  • Get all my midterm and final projects done in a timely manner. Gotta make the time. Classwork is important.
  • Also, because I am in a mood, this month I will try finishing a song – I will compose a rough draft of an instrumental, and we’ll see where it goes.

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