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Visiting Danny~♡ (post hiatus)

Hello, everyone! So, some of you might remember that I introduced a dear friend of mine, Danny, because I was pretty sure that I would have to mention her in time? Well, now is one of those times.

I’m visiting Danny in Canada from April 22 to May 1, and I lacked the foresight to build up my backlog of posts. Unfortunately, I’ll probably be having too much fun to wind down and write up posts in the meantime, so there will be no posts in the meantime.

I will, however, update this post periodically to give updates on any writing or inspiration-related happenings during my visit.

April 25, 2016
So I’ve made a little bit of progress on some writing, but my first three days here have thus far been filled with basically my first attempts at cooking (pasta and omelettes have not been complete failures) and general relaxation. I am so extremely content here, I am amazed. If I could do anything to protect this lifestyle, I will. If one day I am asked to think back to the happiest days of my life, I imagine it is likely to be these past few days. There has been very little exuberance or joy, but like sugar highs, those are short-lived. What I feel here is a deep satisfaction and pleasantness settled on me like a blanket I don’t want to kick off.

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