Update: Burnout

I was under the impression that my schedule this semester was freer than ever, but now I have been forced to face the unfortunate realization that I do, in fact, have physical limitations. To be blunt, I am exhausted. I got out of paying a train fare the other day because I fell asleep the instant I got in the seat, and the conductor didn’t check my mobile ticket (which I hadn’t activated).

So, I’ve been forced to sit down and ask myself, what could it be? I’m taking fewer classes this semester, am no longer a working-class member of the student newspaper, and am taking classes for fun rather than to complete any majors. By all means, it seems like I should be doing better than ever.

But I am commuting into Boston twice a week for an 8:30 to 4 internship, and I am waking up at 5 a.m. twice a week to tutor children across the world for some extra pocket change, and occasionally traveling to a different city to act as an on-site translator for a Korean family.

I’m vetting someone I know as a potential lifelong friend, and we’ve been hanging out at least twice a week every week since the start of this semester. Meanwhile, my usual friends are going through their own troubles, and because of my new sleep schedule (sleep earlier, wake earlier) I am desynced from theirs, so we haven’t had much time to chat like we usually do.

So… maybe I’m overextending myself?

Perhaps that answer seems obvious to some of you, but it’s not so clear-cut an answer for me. Every other semester in my college career, I’ve been taking 5.5 classes, and this semester I’m taking only 4. Other semesters, I’ve had student jobs or done freelance work, and I’ve never had a shortage of people to hang out with, so it feels like this semester shouldn’t be taking such a toll on me.

However, at the very least, it is clear to me that I need to make a change. There have been no obvious health repercussions yet, but I feel as though I may be heading towards some kind of collapse, ahaha. So this month, I’ll make a list of things I’ve done well and then set a number of goals for the next month:


  • Learned three new recipes, and cooked for myself most meals! I now know how to make oven-roasted potatoes, grill a steak,  and make a vegetable stew.
  • Did a critical reading session with a writing friend, receiving feedback and learning new things about my writing style.
  • Sorted out my clothes into ‘keep’ and ‘donate’ piles.
  • Invested in a new, durable bag that can fit my laptop
  • Got new freelance work
  • Finished outlining the entirety of U7 Book 1, my superhero-inspired novel series.
  • Kept up with all my class readings (and even read ahead!)



  • Finish writing every single scene of Crossing the Line so that it is at least a coherent enough narrative to get a second set of eyes on it (by the end of March)
  • Only spend money on food! Nothing else!
  • Either sell something I’ve been meaning to sell or donate something I’ve been meaning to donate.
  • Don’t miss another Saturday post on this blog;;;;;
  • Don’t take on any more freelance jobs than the ones you already have, dear god, just don’t do it, these past two weeks were too much.
  • Finish at least one homework assignment a week in advance.

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