I was going to make a lengthy post, but I actually am not feeling up to it right now, so instead, here’s a simple list of my resolutions this following year:

  • Since I had such success in removing tortilla chips (and really, chips in general) from my diet, I’ve decided to try reducing some other unhealthy good from my diet. I think I’m going to have it be processed/mass-produced cookies and other imitation baked goods.
  • Get my dream diary up-to-date to anticipate publication in 2020. Get the short story versions of longer dreams done. They’re all like, a paragraph from done. Do it.
  • Sell the things I need to sell (like textbooks and the spare Samsung monitor I’ve acquired by accident.)
  • Apply to at least three writing competitions.
  • Read at least five non-school-assigned books.
  • Learn to cook three new things.
  • Stretch in the morning for at least five minutes.

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