Short Stories

Flash Fiction: Unnerving

How unnerving do you think it would be if you were a team sport player, like for basketball or soccer or volleyball, and you went to play at a major tournament, and for the entire match, the audience is dead silent?

No cheers. No music.

Not even the crinkle of a water bottle, the rustle of a wrapper.

The echo of the ball is loud. The silence is oppressive, like heavy velvet. Your calls to your teammates seem muted or, worse, inappropriate. Out of place.

You play the game in dead silence. Your opponent plays the game in dead silence. You lock eyes with your mark, lips pressed tight, and you can see the confusion in their eyes as well, the fear. You are all hostages to the silence.

The audience stares down at you. You mess up. The opponent scores a point. No one cheers.

The referee does not shout.  The announcers in their booth do not speak.

You play a match in utter silence. No one makes a sound.

5 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Unnerving

  1. Never was a sports fan, but I know the feeling of preforming in front of an audience that’s dead silent. *shudder*

    Is this based off of personal experiences? If so, I’m so so sorry.


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