Oh boy, here we go again

So, did you notice the conspicuous lull on my blog lately because I sure did. I wish I had a better excuse, but really it’s just that schoolwork has caught up to me and I was unable to meet the goals I set for myself. One class in particular is giving me grief.

Intermediate Arabic II. It’s Intermediate Arabic II, I won’t even be coy about this. Have I ever regretted a class so – I love learning in it, but the workload is absurd! I’ve lost sleep trying to keep up with the assignments, not to mention the project. Aaah, the stress is really starting to get to me, ahaha.

So, unfortunately, I cannot guarantee a regular schedule of short stories as I had hoped. Wednesdays will likely be poetry or flash fiction, for the most part, with regular Saturday content.

I apologize for any disappointment I have caused. I am disappointed in myself as well, but I will do better. What’s this blog for if not self=betterment?

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