Poems of Negativity

(Hello! I was recently inspired, but as usual, I write poetry to get out negative emotions, ahaha. I’m pretty happy with how these turned out, but they’re also pretty mean thoughts, so make of it what you will. I’m not ashamed of how I feel – it’s all about how I conduct myself in reality, after all. Both of these were written November 14, 2016)

I thought it would be a fight
That my blood would spill
Thick with adrenaline
A thrill that sings beneath my skin
I thought it would be blow for blow
For blow, and I would relish every bruise
Because the pain I felt
Was pain that I returned

I didn’t think that hatred would be
Something so unfair, unbalanced
Frustration dripping from lungs too full
Of words bit back, heart soaking black
I didn’t think it would be restraint
The knowledge that I could kill you with
A glance, a look, a laugh too sharp
I could gut you with a thought too harsh


An Insult to Insects
I might have called you an insect, once
But they are resilient and you are not
Nature, relentless, commands respect
And I’ve none to spare for you

Also, bugs scare me, and I can’t crush them
I could destroy you in a heartbeat


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