Update: Travel and Challenge Prep

Alright, I admit it – these update posts are turning out to be more of a filler or procrastination method than actual goals-and-meeting-them. However, I do also think they are necessary, and that’s not just my crafty laziness talking, so I’m going to keep doing them.

There isn’t really much to say this time though – I’m going to start off on that short story challenge, and I’m not going to miss a single one. If that means I have to upload disgraceful stories I’m not proud of that I wrote last minute, so be it. Perhaps that will be sufficient motivation.

However, my 1:3 video game to writing ratio goal was a complete success! Unfortunately, it is less because I have been writing more and more because I have almost stopped playing video games entirely while I’m travelling. 0 times 3 is still 0.

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