Update: Back on Track

I’ve had no less than three people call me out on the fact that my two week hiatus had turned into three. I can offer no excuses. All I can say is that I appreciate your interest in my blog, and I promise to do better from this point forward. I have a buffer, and I am making it a goal of the highest priority to not miss another post until the new year.

During this time, I also took a day to figure out my priorities and set myself straight. I’ve wasted so much time already, how can I make it up? Well, I’ve got a pretty detailed plan in mind,so let’s see if I can hold myself accountable.

Also, shoutout to Aeolus and her new neato RedBubble Store! She currently has D.Gray-Man and Osomatsu-san designs, as well as a cute series of beverage stickers, and there is more on the way!

This Month’s (or the latter two weeks of its) Goals:

  • Write 10 Complete Blog Posts and schedule them in advance; I know for a fact that starting my junior year of college is going to mess me up, and I have learned that I need to be proactive instead of reactive and get my work done.
  • Post one of the three short stories you have completed; they’re done. I may not be happy with them, but if I don’t cut myself off, I’ll just revise them forever.
  • Finally update my post about Koshimaty. I’ll get this done by next week.
  • Quit playing video games… which I know won’t happen, so my goal will be to make my game-to-writing ratio 1:3

2 thoughts on “Update: Back on Track

  1. “Quit playing video games… “, Do you think you could also wish for me to get a billion dollars while at it? Thanks.


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