Missed a Post

Hello, everyone – I am sorry to say that halfway through the year, it has finally happened. I missed a post last Saturday. It is now up, but regardless, I have been complacent. I can see that now that my buffer is down to three incomplete posts. Honestly, I lasted longer than I thought I would, but that’s no excuse, ahaha

So this is  a formal apology to my readers for failing to stick to a schedule, and also a filler post as I try to get back on track. It turns out that summer vacation gives me so much free time compared to college that I’ve forgotten how to invest time properly.

Don’t fall into that trap, fellow students – make your priorities and stick to them, and pro tip, don’t say “I’ll do that after this” or “I’ll stop playing games after this last life” – those can go on forever. Set a time. “I’ll move on at [time]o’clock” is the best way to get things done.

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