Update: Still Working on Punctuality

Another First-Saturday-of-the-month update. Check out the Current Projects page to see what I’m trying to get done this year, and to see my current progress, read below the cut. Due to how busy I have been this past month, however, this post is rather perfunctory and not at all that much fun. Feel free to skip over it.

And, as usual, feel free to harass me about any failed goals because I assure you, they were 100% possible and I just grew lazy. Any failures are fault of my work ethic and not my circumstances, and for that I should be criticized.

U8 – Chapter 2 of my online novel series, Crossing the Line, is still not available but by god, it will be soon. And I will get a good, strong head start on Chapter 3 as well if it kills me..

This Month’s Goals:

U5 – My just-for-fun pirate story has gotten enough kudos on AO3 to make me feel guilty about not updating it like I promised, so I will have to do that.

B5 – Job Security, my short story about a supervillain henchman-for-hire with a hermit crab, needs to be completed by April or Danny will be disappointed in me.

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