Prompt: Moon and Life

((I don’t think that poetry is my strongest suit, but when someone prompts me to write one, you can bet I’m going to try. The requirements were that it be a poem under 18 lines about the moon, the sunrise, and life. A one-shot from Feb. 16, 2016))

A Traveler’s Guide
I send the weary to the moon
For she knows the feeling best
The tiredness and agonies
Of those in need of rest

She is as gentle as is slow
And slumbers every while
Her silver light a soothing touch
As kind as any smile

I send the wary to the sun
For she will grant them ease
Her diligence a rock for those
In life’s tumultuous seas

At constant vigil, constant time
She rises every day
Her golden light a hope for those
To carry on their way

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