Poem: This is Harder Than Exected

The Merchant and the Lark – March 15, 2017

A merchant from the local church set out within the dark
To deal with the emergence of a strange and massive ark
He packed a simple rucksack and set off onto the park
Where he saw a lack of ark and found, instead, a little lark

The lark perched on the bark upon the birch tree in the night
Remarked upon the merchant from the church’s piddled plight
“Should have done your research, silly merchant, sorry sight
The ark has long embarked,” the little lark said in delight

The merchant, see, quite urgently demanded where it went
What could have been the reason for this odd fervent event
The ark had left no mark, no sign, no clue of its descent
His failure meant his dirge, the merchant cried in his lament

The lark with little pity but belittlement to spare
Sang to him this ditty with a meter debonair
“The merchant from the church oh watch him tear out all his hair
The lark upon its perch upon the birch tree doesn’t care”


5 thoughts on “Poem: This is Harder Than Exected

    1. Ahaha, this one, not in the slightest. This was an exercise in how many rhymes I could stuff into a still coherent poem – not many, unfortunately. This was harder than it looked. I’d like to reattempt in the future though because I think this is a skill I would like to have.


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